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New Customer? Use coupon code "NEWBIES15" today for 15% off your first order!
So, You WANNABE a Chef?

So, You WANNABE a Chef?

Formal culinary training is a thing of the past, so I'm here to show you a new method called the 'Wing It Principle'. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are your meals edible?

Most of the time. Occasionally I'll get a little distracted watching YouTube videos but the smoke alarm really jolts a person back to life. 

Would Gordon Ramsay approve?

Probably not. I'd like to think my recipes appeal to those with a more sophisticated pallet...or burnt taste buds, totally depends on your perspective. 

Is there such thing as too much garlic?

No. Never. Unless you’ve got a hot Tinder date lined up for the evening, in which case I’d cool it on the vampire repellent. 

So, if you like decadent flavors and fancy garnishes that will really WOW your party guests, then you’ve come to the wrong place. The Wing It Principle is all about putting the HANGER monster to rest in a speedy fashion.

When something doesn’t go according to plan you simply improvise. I lost count of how many times I’ve accidentally dumped a mountain of cayenne pepper into a recipe that called for a pinch. But why waste a perfectly good meal? Instead of butternut squash soup, you now have HELL FIRE in a bowl. It’s that easy. 

Plankton Feeders & Fake Noods  

What you need: 

H2O, Shrimp, Veggie Noodles, Red Peppers, Chilli Peppers, Butter, Salt, Pepper, Parmesan Cheese 

Cooking Time: 

25 minutes 


Drop an unhealthy portion of butter in the pan and melt it over low heat until it becomes a soupy mixture. Fry up your shrimp with the chili peppers, red peppers, Salt-N-Pepa and push it around real good. Now you just gotta add some water and boil the noodles until it thickens up. Top it with some Foot Odoooorrr (pardon my French, I mean Parmesan) and Bon Appétit!

Life doesn’t have to be ordinary and either do you. We want to hear some of your favorite recipes and recipe disasters, so drop a comment below! 

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Jessica - July 20, 2018

Recipe sounds interesting, I’ll have to try this.
I once melted a cutting board on the stove 😂

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