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New customer? Use coupon code "NEWBIES15" today for 15% off your first order!
New Customer? Use coupon code "NEWBIES15" today for 15% off your first order!
Weekly Update - July 17,2018

Weekly Update - July 17,2018

Hi guys, just posting a weekly update on new products, page updates, and things in the works. 

  • Web page is currently under heavy construction in the background. Entirely revamped web page will go live when complete. Estimated time to completion ~ end of week or early next week. Looks amazing so far. Thanks to the models, musicians, and videographers that have helped put the new look together that will go live shortly, can't say enough about the good work that's been done.
  • Entire line of swimwear and bikini products are in the works with manufacturers and warehousing. Stay tuned, updates to follow shortly.
  • We're still looking for more bloggers. Do you have the strive and experience needed for a young upstart home, hobbies and fashion website? Seriously get in touch with us :) We're always looking for more people.
  • Instagram, honestly, wow. We can't thank you guys enough for the major following and support we've received in such a short time. We really appreciate the encouraging words and large following that has amassed so far, with more fans joining up faster than we can count.
  • Entire branded product line in the works, stay tuned. High quality products, completely branded and manufactured under the Burbanite logo. Stuff looks great so far but I can't say more until we launch the line. Will keep you posted.
  • We are working on a community blog. We would like to have a public channel right here on the website so you guys can get involved and tell us your stories about suburban and urban life. Have a good story? Write me on the contact page and I'll publish you. Honestly any topic under the sun so long as it's not completely adult oriented is fine with us :).


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